Verro Ski Club 2013

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Val d’Isere 2012

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Val d’Isere 2011

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Back from Solden!

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Just a place holder … More to come…

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Back from Val d’Isere 2010 Ski Trip :D

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Our Verro Ski Club


just came back from Val d’Isere 2010 ski trip !!!


This week was really amazing and we enjoyed skiing in 70 cm fresh powder after last monday night snow fall (we rented fresh snow ski , also known as “padelloni” 😀 , of course !!)…

Now we’re (almost… :D) ready for real off piste ski ;D

In this nice photo taken from Solaise the Lac du Chevril dam is blocking the fog at sunset


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Verro Ski Club

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I`m a proud member and co founder of the Verro Ski Club (TM) 😀
Here is the draft logo (by Super Gigio).

Verro ski club in action , Val d`Isere !

val d`isere

More Val d’Isere action to come… ! I’m in red and the Grand Duke of the Wild Boar 😀 is in black going down hill


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