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NMS Physione: Personalised models of the neuromusculoskeletal system




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Improving therapy planning for hip, shoulder and knee joint surgery

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a disabling disease, affecting the joints of 40% or more of the population over 60, resulting in a socioeconomic burden of approx. €6,000 million per year in Germany alone. Joint surgery attempts to address the various disease stages, to either minimize the risk of early degeneration of the native joint, or to replace a fully degenerated joint. To prevent failures and improve surgery outcome, key facts on the mechanical conditions of the joint need to be available to the surgeon. By implementing refined image reconstruction, biomechanical modelling and analysis tools, MXL will make the dynamic joint loading and stability accessible for the planning of joint surgery in every case.

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Odous ia a 3D Dental Imaging Software featuring:

Axial, Panoramic and Cross Sections Interactive Visualization
3D Reconstruction
3D Export in STL format
DICOM I/O Interface
Volume Rendering
Mandibular Canal Identification
Personalized Panoramic Generation
Patient’s Measurements
Rich Reporting Functionalities

Here you can find some product features showcase videos

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VPH2 aims to develop a patient-specific computational modelling and simulation of the human heart to assist the cardiologist and the cardiac surgeon in defining the severity and extent of disease in patient with Left Ventricular Dysfunction (LVD) , with or without Functional Mitral Regurgitation (FMR).

The associated technological aim of the project is to deliver an advanced software application framework for the development of computer-aided medicine in cardiology and cardiac surgery.

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The VPHOP research project will develop, validate and deploy the next generation of technology to predict the absolute risk of fracture in patients with low bone mass, thereby enabling clinicians to provide better prognoses and implement more effective treatment strategies (both pharmacological and interventional).

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Living Human Project

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The Living Human Project (LHP) will develop a worldwide, distributed repository of anatomo-functional data and of simulation algorithms, fully integrated into a seamless simulation environment and directly accessible by any researcher in the world. This infrastructure will be use to create the physiome of the human musculo-skeletal system.

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@neurIST will provide a distributed IT infrastructure for the management, integration and processing of data associated with the diagnosis and treatment of cerebral aneurysm.


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OpenMAF is an Open Source scientific computing and visualization framework; you can find more informations in the developers area

Here are some screenshots from some maf based apps ranging from computer-aided medicine to astrophysics to motion capture

For yet more screenshots take a look here

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